Lunch Program

"The Best Food Around"


Donna Butler-Manager

Mary Ledford

Shirley Meadows

Traci Nash

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Meal Pay Plus


Ekron School cafeteria staff take pride in serving the best school lunches around!! To help our BREAKFAST AND LUNCH program operate efficiently, it is requested that your child's lunches be purchased on a weekly basis.  We will be happy to accept your check.  If two or more checks are returned for insufficient funds, then only cash will be accepted for payment for school lunches.  Send your check or money in a sealed envelope to the cafeteria on Monday morning.  Write on the outside of the envelope the student's name, the homeroom teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.  If writing a check for more than one child, list each child's name, each homeroom teacher's name, and the amount of the check.  Students absent on Monday will follow the above procedure on Tuesday.  Credit will be given if a student is absent during the week. Meals may be purchased on a daily basis.  The money will be taken up as the children go through with each meal.  Additional milk may be purchased.

You may also go to Meal Pay Plus and pay for your childs meals.

Our goal at the Ekron Cafe' is to serve a healthy breakfast and lunch...Whole grains, dairy, and lots of fruits and veggies along with meats are served at every meal....


Lunch             Full Pay: $2.05                              Breakfast                 Full Pay: $1.25        

                     Reduced: $ .40                                                               Reduced: $ .30          

Staff and Visiting Adults-$3.00                  

If at anytime your income changes during the school year feel free to ask for a new lunch form. We want to be of assistance whenever possible.

Parents are more than welcome to come eat a meal with their child at an additional fee, all we ask if possible is to let us know so we can throw another potato in the pot...if you decide on the last minute that is still okay. You may do so by calling the office.  Please try not to bring lunch from McDonald's, Dairy Queen, etc.  Our staff works diligently to provide nutritional and tasty meals.  Please remember, NO GLASS CONTAINERS.  


Per the Meade County Board of Education, students in elementary schools will be offered an alternate lunch in the event their charges exceed $15.00.

EAT 5 A DAY for better health

Students can participate in interactive 5 A DAY activates, learn simple recipes, solve nutrition puzzles and games, print pages to color and listen to songs.  Students are invited to e-mail the fruit or vegetable character of the month at  Within minutes, they will receive a motivation, non-commercial message on how to each their 5 a Day goal.  This 5 A DAY web site, is praised by schools nationwide for its nutritional content and educationally-compelling activities.

Food Allergies

If your child has any allergies to foods, there needs to be a letter from your child's doctor in their file.  A child can not have juice instead of milk without a doctors letter stating the child is allergic to milk.  It is for your child's safety that any allergies are documented.

 If you have any questions or concerns with your child's meal or account please feel free to get in touch with the Manager by calling the office and asking for Donna Butler.